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Sticky Teams Leadership Learnings from TCI Friend Larry Osborne

Larry Osborne, pastor of North Coast Church , gave a great presentation today at the “Sticky Teams Conference”. Here are some shorthand notes on leadership lessons Larry has learned (his version of the “dumb tax” he’s already paid that we can all learn from):

1) Winning Teams guard the gate. Losing teams let anyone in. Who are you allowing into leadership roles? Are you compromising on character, people skills, or allowing contentious people in the wrong seats on the bus?

2) Winning teams make unity a priority. Losing teams treat it as an afterthought. (Full disclosure here: I’m a total fan of Larry’s book, The Unity Factor, and have recommended it for years to churches I’ve worked with and spoken to). Friends disagree, acquaintances argue.

3) Winning Teams focus on their mission. Losing teams focus on their successes. We move the bullseye (mission drift) when we are not rightly focused

4) Winning teams focus on empowerment. Losing teams focus on excellence and tenure. Excellence is a strategy to reach the dechurched…not the end itself. Warning signs here: are we giving new folks a chance, do we have an entitlement mentality for long term staff, and are we allowing eagles to soar or are we caging them?

5) Winning teams adapt for the future. Losing teams long for the past. I Corinthians 9:19-23, 24ff. Adaption is not compromise as long as the message is not changed. New wine requires new wineskins.

GREAT day at the Sticky Teams conference. Glad these folks are TCI friends!


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Thrive North Dakota Highlights!

Thrive North Dakota has been completed…and what an awesome ride it was!  I know we will be posting photos and maybe some videos at the TCI site (, but I wanted to give you some first hand stats and descriptions.

First…the basic demographics:

* Over 400 in attendance representing over 27 churches.

* Paul Knight and the people of Hope Church ( were AH-MAZING!  Great hospitality, great hearts, great people, great passion for the community

* Response from people was great and we had media coverage in the news media for both Friday and Saturday and a FRONT PAGE article in the Grand Forks Herald See article here:  Thrive North Dakota Article

* The Thrive team (part of our TCI team HQ’d at Bayside Church) did a great job preparing for the event and they served well. Since Bayside is our first “Hub Church” we are using them to model what we hope our other Hub Churches will do. Hope Church did a great job as a Hub Church in hosting this conference.

* We had over 30 workshops and our initial feedback was fanatastic; virtually all the workshops were hosted by local presenters.

Stay tuned…more to come. We should have photos, videos, and possibly DVD/audio files of sessions available in short order.

Bonus #1: I’m attaching the PowerPoint for what I presented on Saturday morning in the general session.


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More Teaching Resources…Go Deeper!

Here as a next step in the series of Teaching Resources we are making available on the TCI site, are several teaching series I did that will help your church family to Thrive in Spiritual Growth….one way I often stated our vision was that God wanted us to reach more and grow deeper for His glory…remember…i am not a manuscript speaker, but you’ll get the basic outlines here:

Complete Series on First John A Biblical Study on First John that will help enrich and encourage your people

Changing Your Life

Want to change for good and for God’s glory?  This series will equip you to change..

Be Complete in Christ! This is my rendition of Saddleback’s CR series…customized for our people and context

Living Like Jesus Did This series was a powerful look at what LLJD would like like instead of the question WWJD?

The Holy Spirit

Clear Biblical teaching about the person, work, and present ministry of the Holy Spirit

Handles from Heroes

I love Biblical character studies…here are some of my favorites

Suffering Where is God when it hurts?  This series answers that question and others about suffering

Series 7-Positive Impressions

Ever feel like you are swimming upstream in a downstream world?  Romans 7 & 8 passages are explained and applied in this powerful teaching series

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Dr. John Jackson

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