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More Teaching Resources

With the caveat that you know I’m not a manuscript speaker, the teaching resources below should give you great help in developing teachings for your Thriving Church in key areas.  TCI is all about helping you and your church to thrive!  Each of these series were taught in a local church where God used the series to equip and encourage the local body.  The two teachings entited “Series 7 and Series 9” are both from the book of Romans

The Trap of Offense

Defeating The Giants in Your Life

All In Series

Defy Gravity Red Letter Living

Series 7-Positive Impressions

Series 9-Transformers

The Power of Faith 053109


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More Teaching Resources: Biblical Teaching on Hot Topics

At Thriving Churches International (TCI), we want to equip you and your church to thrive!

During the past 12 years, I was able to teach a number of series on “hot topics” that God used to stir up our people to think and act more Biblically about tough issues of our day.  I share these teachings here for your use; remember that I am not a manuscript speaker so these are like extended outlines for your study and preparation.  Enjoy!

Biblical Truth in a Relative World This series will help you address the topic of relativism in our world today

Why Should I Believe That-Faith and Doubt I argue here that God is big enough for your doubts; your doubts don’t nullify your faith!

What Should a Christian in America Can Christianity and patriotism go together?

Honoring Our Heritage Another patriotic teaching with a challenge

Just War and Why Arabs & Jews Can’t Just Get Along Very hot topic on current issues; taught in the post 9/11 world

Managing Your Life During a Crisis How can I possibly have peace in the middle of the storm?

The Holy Spirit This series helped our church connect with the 3rd member of the Trinity

Divorce Some great resources here to teach on this pain filled subject and do so with grace and truth

Suffering How is it possible that a loving God would allow me or others to suffer?

I trust that each of these teachings will equip you and your church to thrive!

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Teaching Resources on Money–Get it Here!

Most pastors hate to talk about money.  It is, after all, one of the reason that some people say they don’t want to go to church.  I’m different.  I love talking about anything that Jesus focused on; and money was certainly high on Jesus’ list…NOT because God needs our money, but because God desires our heart and the love of money is the root of all evil.

So…here are a few of my favorite teachings I’ve done on money and personal finances…same disclosure:  I’m not a manuscript speaker so these teaching resources are yours to develop and make personal for your thriving church:

Financial Peace-Its not what you think

Whos Dime is it Anyway

Managing the Money Monster

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Teaching Resources

Here are a number of additional teaching resources.  I’m trying to share things here that I think will benefit your ministry as you lead thriving churches.  Each one of these teachings are favorite series that I taught in the first 3 years of the life of the church we planted in Northern Nevada (now LifePoint Church) .  I think God can use them for His glory in your setting.  I am not a manuscript speaker, so you’ll get the primary benefit of a working outline but that should be enough to help you grow from there…

Winning Big-First series at CVC This was the first teaching series we did; it launched the church

ChristianLivingfrom9to5 This series will help marketplace ministry come alive

Managing the Money Monster This is a midweek series I did on managing personal finances

Changing Your Life This series is all about how God can bring change into your life

Hearing God: The number one question followers of Christ want to know:  How do I know if God is speaking to me?

Christianity and Culture:  How am I supposed to interact with the world?

Honoring Our Heritage:  Solid teaching on our background as Americans

Seasons of Faith:  Does it always look and feel the same or does spiritual growth have seasons?

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Some favorite teachings–Christmas messages!

Christmas in September?  Am I crazy?  Maybe.  But, I know that I always liked to have the basic template for our Christmas teachings and ministries in my head and heart in September…plus, I like Christmas music!  So…in that spirit…I wanted to share several of my favorite Christmas teachings of the last several years.  I am not a manuscript speaker, so these are not “verbatim”; but you’ll get the basic outline and framework of the key teaching points.
Use at will…and enjoy!

Experience Christmas

Imagine Christmas

Follow the Star

Christmas 2000-When God Shows Up

Gifts for Everyone at Christmas

Christmas Chronicles

Finding Peace in Christmas

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