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Meet Me at the Mountain-Part 4

More on things I “heard” on the Mountain with James & Betty Robison:

-Pay the price or forfeit the future. Live Your Life for Kingdom Purpose. (My life mission: I want to invest my life in Kingdom Impact people and organizations to leverage my life for the glory of God).

-Why don’t we champion the faith? Are will willing to lay it down for freedom for others?

-Everything that is in His heart is not your part. What is your part? We all need to know our part and help other people do their part (TOTALLY resonated here; my book “Finding Your Place in God’s Plan” came out of this passion).

-Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on; encourage your people to be a shoulder to lean on. (How is this happening in your thriving church?)

-If people want their prayers answered, then seek to be an answer to someone’s prayer. If you want your dreams fulfilled, then lose your dreams in Him. What is on His heart?

-All pressure, pain, problems in life have either come through the hand of God or through His fingers. Why? Form Christlikeness in us. (If we really believed this, how would it change the way we respond to trouble in our lives?)

-We need to grow crops where we are planted!

-We need to release and challenge teenagers to their divine appointments! What are our churches calling people to? Stop feeding people pablum! Get into God’s heart and gameplan for today! (Note…how do I respond to this as a leader of leaders?. How do you react to this as a Christ follower?)


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Meet Me at the Mountain-Part 3

More nuggets from our time in Colorado with James & Betty Robison:

-The more you look like one another, the less you look like Jesus (Jesus values uniqueness, diversity, individuality)

-My note: Purposes-Principles-Paradigms-Practices lead to Impact

-He is more anxious to speak than you are to listen. Romans 10 connection. (Ouch! This is so reassuring and so convicting at once! How many times has the Father longed to speak to me and I was unwilling and unavailable to listen?)

-Themes of Faith, Family, Freedom were throughout this conference. Return to wisdom, sanity, security. Those 3 words of Faith/Family/Freedom really resonate with me. We rejoiced in the abolition of slavery, we should now be weeping at the abolition of freedom (this was a powerful and challenging section where the free market, freedom from greed, and personal freedom were all addressed). I feel particularly called to see churches and people walk in freedom and hope!

-This is a powerful prayer for us: “Show us the steps necessary to restore the fullness of faith, family, and freedom and for the Church to be who and what God has destined to be”. (Wow! Yes Lord..I long for me and for our churches to be who you have destined us to be!)

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Meet Me at the Mountain-Part 2

My wife Pam and I just returned for a powerful two day experience with James & Betty Robison at Keystone, CO. I’m trying to download much of what I feel like God said there. In the meantime, let me share some additional “bullet points” for your prayerful consideration.

1) When God tells you what to do, the enemy often moves in to tell you how, where, who, when

2) John 17 was Jesus’ great intercessory prayer. He prayed that we would be ONE. We have to learn to disagree without divorcing. Divorce is rampant in the church because divorce is rampant in the church (more on that later!). God’s heart is for harmony in the family

3) God is calling us to an Isaiah 58 season. We are to be the restorers of the fallen and rebuilders of the wall. The restoration of America will happen because of the transformation of People. The church is real sick, but God is calling the church to this role in our world. We have to love every sick and defeated church, but we must not give our people pablum. We have to tend the ground where God has placed us and be faithful in our watchcare. Go to for some great additional writing on this subject. Faith, Family, Freedom. Those 3 words/visions stirred something DEEP in my soul. I wept again. And again. And again…

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Meet Me at the Mountain-Part 5 and Final

Just a few more nuggets from being with James & Betty Robison in Colorado a week ago:

-Miles Mcpherson from The Rock Church in San Diego ( was with us and he shared the vision and ministry of their church in reaching their community.  Great resources here and an entire kit (Do Something!, you can get it at  Miles has spoken twice at TCI’s Thrive Conference ( and we look forward to having him back.

-Jim Garlow from Skyline Wesleyan Church ( was with us.  REALLY enjoyed hearing from Jim; I had previously read a couple of his books but had not been able to speak to him.  He’s the real deal…passion, wisdom, clarity.  Jim’s wife Carol is battling with cancer (pray for her!), but they know that God’s hand is on them to continue their direction in ministry.  Check out to find out more information about this.

-People need to see God in the Church and then they will be impressed.  People will not be impressed with church because they are not seeing God.  (Oh boy..I so want to insure that when we gather, we are giving glory to God and leading people to the Father and not being impressed with us–with our stuff, our technology, our whizbangs.  Something like Matt Redmond’s song..back to the heart of worship).

-We simply cannot play church anymore!  The time is now.  We can’t allow people to be intimidated.  We have to be an aggressive people who manifest the character of God:  Strong, Loving, Forgiving, Graceful, Bold.

-We need to learn how to be informed and particularly be sure we know how to hear HIS voice (amen to that!)

-God not only hates divorce, He hates the divorce in your heart that happened long before the legal divorce (“Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” Proverbs 4:23)

-The Purpose Driven Life (I think God gave this to Rick, especially the PEACE plan…see needs to pierce the darkness!

-Join with Jesus in His John 13 and John 17 prayer (servanthood and oneness)

We had a glorious two day experience in Colorado…God moved, we wept, and our hearts remain soft to His voice and calling.  If you want more information about James & Betty Robison and their ministry (Life Today), visit

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Not Like Me! A Field Guide by Eric Bryant

Eric Bryant has done it again…really!  Eric’s new book “Not Like Me” (previously released as “Peppermint Pinatas”) is a great resource for any pastor, leader, Christ follower wanting to make a difference in a diverse world.

Eric is a regular presenter at our Thrive Conference ( and we think he rocks!

I had read Eric’s first edition of the book a few years ago; this time I savored the morsels that I appreciated even more than the first time.  Eric is living out what he writes about as part of the leadership team at Mosaic Church ( in Los Angeles.  Eric equips us in this book to authentically live out our faith and be distinguished by our character as Christ followers.

My advice?  Go by a copy right now at

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